Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Task #9

For this task I imported a spreadsheet I had just created from Microsoft Excel. I have used Microsoft Excel for a number of spreadsheats in my work here at PV Library. Several years ago I was very frustrated at not being really able to tell patrons if we had copies of a book in paperback in Young Readers. Often the patrons are young people looking for a book to use for an assignment. I asked permission to create a list of the paperbacks we had. At least that way we are not looking for a title the library doesn't own. The list has been very helpful and is used almost everyday. The list I just created is for the Young Adult paperbacks.
I have been working with data base programs in a library situation for many years. In 1977, before there were many library computer programs I set up a inventory program for the 13 Palos Verdes Peninsula Elementary Schools. The program made it possible to inventory and weed those collections on a regular basis for the first time.

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