Monday, April 16, 2007

Final Task

This has been a very interesting experience.
You should have seen my 14 yr. old grandson's jaw drop and his eyes open wide when I told him I had a MySpace account. (He is not allowed to have an account.) He was also ready to help me solve any mysteries of an MP3 player in case I had any problems.
Two exercises that were totally new to me and seemed helpful where the YouTube site and the Online Office Tools.
You Tube I might use personally and I could see it being useful to help answer reference questions. A site on YouTube for the library might be helpful to people who are more visual learners than print learners. The library, its location, arrangement, and some programing might encourage new users. There would probably have to be some sort of a link on the library webpage.
The Online Office Tools could be very useful for creating bibliogrphies where another librarian's input is always helpful. In place of printing out a document in progress and waiting for response, the response could be made right on-line. Saving paper would just be one advantage of using Online Office Tools.
I did have all sorts of frustration, especially when I tried to work on this project on my computer at home. For reasons unknown to me, I found it difficult to log into accounts, and was always having to ask for password help.
The idea of this kind of training is good. It is difficult to find time for people to get together for training, and this is certainly hands-on, which is the best kind of training.

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